Reading is one of my passions. I care for books as if they were treasures, I feel they are like my friends and I find comfort in having them near me.

Recipe books are my favourite type of book, recipes are like living creatures which pass on tenderness and happiness from generation to generation. This is why I like sharing them. I know that the person who used them and wrote them had a wonderful intention – to transmit happiness.

Over the past 4 years, I have been working very hard, but with much pleasure, on the production of two books which have been very complicated to put together:

“Rebosteria tradicional de Mallorca”

A book which features over two hundred eminently valuable historical Mallorcan pastry and confectionery recipes, many of which had been lost for years.

“Cuina tradicional de Mallorca intimitat original”

A book which features two hundred intimate historical family recipes.